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      • Opportunities for economic and political inclusion in the Arab Spring

        08 Jun 2011

        Working together to build inclusive development in Egypt. Photo: UNDP Egypt

        There are moments when historic, transformational change is possible. This is one of those moments in the Arab States. In recent months, millions of people came onto the streets in a number of Arab states demanding change. Read UNDP Chief Helen Clark's recent article on the Arab Spring at the Huffington Post. In Tunisia and Egypt, these uprisings led to the downfall of regimes. Elsewhere, many lives have also been lost as regimes and their opponents have faced off against each other. Underlying these events are economic exclusion which has denied decent work and opportunity for many, and political exclusion which has denied a broad right to participate in the decision-making processes which shape nations’ futures. Now that broad-based popular movements are forcing political change, opportunities exist to build more inclusive societies, economies, and governance systems. To ensure peaceful transitions, advancing both economic and political inclusion is crucial. So often, impressive rates of economic growth have not led to significant reductions in poverty or the creation of decent work. To achieve inclusive growth, the sectors and regions where poor people live and work will need to be targeted. Support must be given to the formal multi-party national dialogue process, encouraging citizensRead More