Crisis Prevention and Recovery

Challenges in the Arab States

Crises in the Arab States region vary considerably in their origin, history, intensity and complexity. Due to its highly diverse geology and geography, the region is exposed to many natural hazards including earthquakes; dry and wet land-mass movements; droughts; floods; storms; extreme temperatures; wildfires; and epidemics. Climate change is likely to further exacerbate the already existing problem of water scarcity in this region. More

Our Goals

UNDP works with national and international partners to prevent, mitigate, manage and help communities and countries recover from violent conflicts and natural disastersMore

In the West Bank and Gaza, Young Palestinians prepare for politicsnting crises, enabling recovery

In the West Bank and Gaza, where political issues are often resolved through violence, years of conflict and recently - political stalemate between the two main parties has resulted in a decline in civic and political participation – especially for young people. A new initiative led by Sharek Youth Forum and UNDP offers young people an opportunity to participate in democratic political processes and make their voices heard--peacefully. Read the story

Our Stories

  • Syria Crisis - Beyond the Borders
    Beyond the borders

    With the crisis in Syria now entering its fourth year, the devastating cost in human suffering shows no clear sign of abating. In addition to the tragic loss of life, the crisis has set Syria’s development back an estimated 35 years, a legacy which may require decades to reverse.more

  • Workers undertake the renovation of a Roman well in Syria. Photo: UNDP Syria

    Syria: Restoring Roman wells to bring relief

    In Syria's rural areas, long-abandoned Roman wells have become more than a relic of a bygone civilization. For communities struggling to cope with the disastrous ongoingmore

Projects & Initiatives


Resilience-based Development Response to the crisis in Syria and neighbouring Countries

Four years into the conflict in Syria, close to 60 percent of the population is either internally displaced or has fled the country. The fighting has more


Fighting for Peace: Hakamas in Darfur

Hakamas are a traditional part of the daily lives of men and women throughout the Darfur region in western Sudan. They used to comprise women singers who would accompany male combatants to the frontline, intoning their rally cries to the thrill of victory and the glory of battle. more

Community sensitization on the dangers of small arms and light weapons with the community center near completion in the background, July 2012 (Photo by: Ahmed Adam/UNDP)

Putting down the weapon, picking up the pen

Community Security and Arms Control (CSAC) interventions are a crucial element of UNDP’s Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) programme in Sudan which aims at creating conducive environments for the peaceful reintegration of ex-combatants and associated groups. Through the CSAC initiative UNDP responds to the security concerns that the communities themselves have identified, thereby strengthening the social cohesion between host communities and ex-combatants as well as bolstering the relationship between communities and state authorities. more

A farmer with his traditional bee hive ready to be used

Sweeter than honey: economic recovery returns to Darfur

South Darfur is known as a troubled region beset by years of endemic conflict, poverty, destruction of natural resources, and deterioration of livelihoods. However, the land is also a dynamic region that defies its popular conception as intractably and inevitably conflict-ridden. Recently, new projects being implemented by the UNDP Darfur Livelihoods Recovery Programme are slowly but surely changing that view. more


UNDP responds to the Horn of Africa crisis

In Somalia, in spite of the security and access challenges, UNDP has rehabilitated essential agricultural infrastructure, including 80 water catchments that can store almost 380,000 cubic more

Video: UNDP's Resilience based Development Response to the crisis in Syria and neighbouring Countries

As one of the biggest development agencies in Syria present before the crisis began, UNDP works with affected communities to help them cope, rebuild, recover and protect development gains, for example by providing temporary jobs to affected people, clearing debris and helping local businesses to recover productive assets.In countries neighboring Syria, UNDP supports host communities to cope with the influx of refugees, improving infrastructure, boosting local economic and employment opportunities - while helping to resolve, mediate and prevent conflict.

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