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Egyptian producers find a lucrative business opportunity in cleaner charcoal production with carbon credits

The “black cloud” is the vernacular term that Egyptians have coined to refer to a recurring problem of air pollution. One significant contributor to air pollution in Egypt is the charcoal industry. About 7 million tons of wood residues are used as the feedstock for charcoal manufacturing in Egypt bymore

Farming as a way out of poverty

Thursday, 09 September 2010 Berdale district in the Bay region bears the brunt of the civil war in the country. Most of the people here are agro-pastoralists or run small businesses. A UNDP Area Based Early Recovery (ABER) project is providing employment opportunities for 281 vulnerable households more


Saudi Arabia’s first step towards clean energy technologies

Saudi Arabia hosts the world’s largest reserves of oil and has emerged as a global energy superpower. However, while past human development gains in Saudi Arabia have been achieved largely on the back of oil export revenues, and while oil exports will continue to provide significant revenues to Saumore


Fishermen reel in shared profit

By Jaime Jacques* Red Sea - “You can always tell when you are getting near the sea, says 50-year old Ali Abu Ali. “The air feels different; cooler against your skin.” Ali and most of the men in his village have been fishing most of their lives. For them, fishing is more than a job, it is a way omore


Fresh air and green areas for Saida citizens

“Almost ninety percent of the garbage mountain is now gone, due to the process of rehabilitating the dumpsite area, and the remaining 10% will be done in 1 month.” says Nicolas Gharib, UNDP Project Manager of The Rehabilitation of Saida Dumpsite Project. “I can estimate that around 50% of the whole more

From an IDP to a farmer

 Ahmed Gacaney returned to his village in the Jowhar district from an IDP camp in Bosasso  when his family informed him of a UNDP cash for work project in the area. Under this project, communities from Maandhere and Burfule villages rehabilitated four canals for a total of 15 kilometers anmore


Government join forces to implement energy efficiency labels

Through comprehensive use of energy efficiency standards and labels, Saudi Arabia aims to reduce demand for energy consumption over the next 20 years. The Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC), the entity responsible for the development of energy efficiency and conservation policies targeting all semore


Green houses contribution allows farmers to pay their children’s tuition fees in akkar

“The unstable economic situation in the country forced me to go into farming. I wasn’t always a farmer but my husband’s retirement pension was not enough to support our family,” says Rima Obeid, a wife and mother of four living in the area of Halba – Akkar. “And now with the new greenhouse provided more


Women farmers promote food security in North Kordofan

In Bara, a locality in North Kordofan that encompasses 90 tiny villages, the greenery can be deceptive. The flat desert sprawls for miles around, dotted with tiny villages where the only colors to be seen are the bright clothes of women coming back from their weekly trip to the central market of Barmore


Improving access to water for local communities

In Somalia, less than 30% of the population has access to clean water. In the worst conflict affected areas, that figure drops to 20%[1]. This reduces access to adequate sanitation and hygeine facilities, and increases the risks of waterborne diseases. The town of In Somalia, less than 30% of the pomore

Energy Subsidies in the Arab World

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