Local development helps integrating returning moroccan immigrants

Growing climate variability, intensifying droughts and diminishing water resources over the past decade, have been driving families of Ksar Laachouria and neighbouring oases, in Fezna, in Errachidia Tafilalt region of Morocco, out of the land they have lived on for many years. These fast-progressingmore

Local municipal council members, heads of unions sharpen their mediation techniques

"In the event of any kind of conflict in my village, I will not hesitate to use my newly acquired mediation techniques and test my skills on the ground," explained Nathalie Badran from Asia Municipality in Batroun, North Lebanon. Badran, the only female participant in a program on advancemore

Making justice accessible: the role of the Somalian women lawyers association

The Association of Somali Women Lawyers (ASWL) has made a significant contribution to increasing access to legal justice in Somaliland. The association has continued to provide free legal aid to individuals tried in regional or district courts in Somaliland, leading to speedy hearings and rulings imore


Managing resources for sustainability

The Arab region is home to nine of the world’s ten most waterscarce countries. With the impact of climate change and rising sea levels on coastal countries like Tunisia, water scarcity becomes an immediate concern. On the other hand, the region is rich in natural resources. Its desert climate ensuremore


Marking environment day

10 June 2012 By: Manal Aziza, UNDP Iraq UNDP Iraq participated in an event to mark World Environment Day. The event organised by the Ministry of Environment featured a number of activities including a screening of a film produced by the United Nations on the decade of bio-diversity, a presentamore


Microcredit programme pays off

  A group of men sit outside a shop beside the main road of Wonduruba chatting and drinking cold beverages. A woman rummages through a small cooler and approaches them with another round. As she opens one of the bottles she cracks a joke that gets the crowd going.   Thirty-year old Grace Jmore


Microfinance in the districts of Djibouti

1 July 2009 It is 9 a.m. in an alley in Balbala, an immense area on the outskirts of Djibouti City. People hurry to and fro in front of the shop run by Nima Moussa Warfa, as they embark on a shopping expedition, engaged in a quest for rice, pasta, flour, and other basic foodstuffs. Aicha Doualeh more


Mobile clinic reaches remote communities

  Abuop Deng lifts up her baby’s shirt and shows a community health worker a rash that covers the infant’s stomach. He has had it for weeks, along with a fever and diarrhea, she explains. They, along with dozens of other community members, are sitting under the shade of a huge tree in the centrmore


More water, better lives for Sudanese farmers

Until recently, farmers in northeast Sudan used to rely solely on rainfall for their subsistence crops, despite fertile land and groundwater close to the surface. “There is a big difference now,” said Aisha Sharief, who heads a farm run by women in the rural community of Arabaat. “Nowadays we have pmore


Morocco: Coordinating young volunteers for development

« I discovered volunteering as a human and social value at a very young age, when we were playing with friends and rushing to carry our neighbors’ groceries or hurrying to deliver bread in exchange of a small piece for ourselves».   Today, Oussama Aoumi Tioua, 23 years old, is a music teacmore