The Social Good Summit in the Arab States

SGS in Egypt
Egyptian technologists and development specialists discussing how today's use of digital technology for social good can build a better future for the community.

Date: 22 - 25 September 2013
Location: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Somalia and Sudan

In New York, 92nd Street Y in New York and continues for 3 days in more than 55 UNDP Country Offices across the globe.  

In New York, UNDP Administrator Helen Clark will open the summit with a panel that will set the tone for the whole event – The Next 15 Years: How will technology, data and digital media shape our world?

Taking place as the UN General Assembly convenes for its annual meeting, this year’s Social Good Summit theme, #2030NOW, will challenge participants to share solutions, ideas and innovations with a central look at what needs to be done now to pave the way for a better world in 2030.

#2030NOW builds on the UN-led post-2015 development agenda, and will give citizens across the world a direct say on how we should tackle the world's biggest challenges. #2030NOW asks: How can we harness the power of innovation and digital tools to pave the way for a better world in 2030?

More Meetups

Last year UNDP hosted more than 40 Social Good Summit meetups in countries across the globe. This year more than 60 countries are participating, bringing more communities into the conversation. In many places, UNDP’s meetups are bridging the digital divide, giving a voice to people whoever and wherever they are.

This year number of UNDP country offices in the Arab States are hosting local meet-ups with leading experts, bloggers, advocates and innovators about how social media and technology can help address some of our world's biggest challenges.

Some highlights from UNDP Social Good Summit meetups in the Arab States:

  • UNDP in Algeria
    In Algiers, the discussion focused on the implication of youths in the development of ICT in Algeria. The meet up featured speakers from the national telecommunication’s company Algérie "Telecom", the national agency of support to youth employment (ANSEJ), the Université des Sciences et des technologies Houari Boumediene (USTHB) de Bab Ezzouar as well as UN representatives. UNDP presented its support it offered to the modernization of justice and the parliament.

  • UNDP in Jordan (18, 19 & 25 September 2013)
    In Amman, a group of social entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, social activists and NGOs focused their discussion on the role of new media in social good. Futhermore, designers and programmers of an online Game on Youth political participation shared with the participants their work and views on the use of Gamification and Digital Media for development and online activism.

  • UNDP in Lebanon (24 September 2013 at 6 p.m. local time)
    In Beirut, 75 participants from different cultural and educational background met in Alt City Café in Hamra and discussed what innovations should youth focus on to pave the way to a better future for 2030 and beyond. The discussed topics considered the current events happening in Lebanon, how to create advocacy groups to promote a cause on social media and social media as a crossroad between media and the conflicts arousing of the misuse of social media.

  •  where citizens are witnessing a sharply rising influx of Syrian refugees along the northern and eastern borders representing a major and increasing burden on host communities, competing for already limited social services, employment and other economic opportunities. Also strengthening civil peace initiatives was another factor that contributed in selecting the main topics for the debate.

    UNDP in Egypt (23 September 2013 at 12 p.m. local time)
    In Cairo, Egyptian technologists and development specialists discuss how today's use of digital technology for social good can build a better future for the community.

  • UNDP in Kuwait
    In Kuwait, bloggers, social media personalities, radio presenters and philanthropists are discussing "How innovative technology can help effect change in your community?". UNDP is engaging the discussants in spreading the word throughout Kuwait's online forums.

  • UNDP in Morocco (23 September 2013 at 6 p.m. local time)
    In Rabat, the meet-up gathered a hundred of innovative technologists, government officials, civil society representatives, academia, Spanish and American bilateral partners, passionate social media activists, journalists, young united nations volunteers, as well as UN representatives. The participants debated the potential of new media and technology to build a better world and turn this potential into action. They shared experiences of how the new media is facilitating their work and making their voices heard.

  • UNDP in Somaliland (24 September 2013)
    In Hargeisa, the meetup revolved around #2030NOW, meaning the urgency and importance of long term solutions for a sustainable future. It promoted long-term thinking and action, moving beyond quick fixes, short term solutions, simple “likes” and 140 characters. It brought together innovators, leaders of communication companies, representative from the civil society as well as women and youth groups. The discussion addressed how new technology brings sustainable development and creates opportunities for your youth to build a better future.

  • UNDP in Sudan (24 September 2013)
    In Khartoum, representives from the civil society organizations, social media activists, university students, government officials and the private sector debated the role of social media and technology in advancing the development agenda in Sudan with special emphasis on the active role of youth groups in this process. During the two hour meet up, Sudanese youth presented their experience in using technology to serve communities in Sudan through the creation and implementation of innovative ways to help those in need. Khartoum University students in collaboration with UNICEF outlined their initiative to monitor school kits distribution using simple SMS systems in Mobile phones to reach remote areas. In addition, students from Afhad University for Women presented their experience in creating traditional stoves for women that are both affordable and climate friendly using solar energy.

Helen Clark's Social Good Summit Call to Action

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