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  • 29 Nov 2012
    Alia Al-Dalli: Arab Governance Week

    Dear Colleagues and Friends, this has been a long journey. But, it has not concluded. It commenced with acts of civil resistance against colonialist powers, continued on 17 December 2010 with the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi, sustained by contagion of protest throughout the region, and maintains an uninterrupted flow in the streets of Cairo and elsewhere. As has been noted throughout our event, transitions are fluid and non-linear.

  • 19 Nov 2012
    Secretary-general's remarks on the first anniversary of the conclusion of the Yemen peace and transition agreement, Sana'a, Yemen

    I am very pleased to be here today, nearly a year after you concluded the historic agreement for a peaceful transition in Yemen. I am honoured to be able to see for myself your remarkable achievements. I recall my meeting with President Hadi this past September at the United Nations in New York, and I highly commend his leadership. Yemen is a diverse society with an astonishingly rich history and culture. It is a dynamic country whose people deserve prosperity, stability and security.

  • 08 Nov 2012
    “Why Tackling Climate Change Matters for Development”

    “Why Tackling Climate Change Matters for Development” Lecture by Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator and UNDG Chair Co-organized by the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment & the Stanford Program in Human Biology Stanford, California, USA Thursday, 8 November 2012 Progress towards a new global climate agreement has been painfully slow. In my lecture today, I will talk about key issues at stake in the negotiations, and why concerted international action to tackle global warming matters so much to poor people and poor countries on the front lines of climate change.

  • 07 Nov 2012
    “Our World in 2050: More Equitable and Sustainable – or Less?”

    I thank the World Affairs Council for inviting me to deliver this lecture as part of its ongoing mini-series: “Spotlight on Development Challenges”. As Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, I find the topic of this lecture series and the Council’s interest in what the world might look like in 2050 particularly relevant to our work to help address one of humanity’s most pressing challenges: how to lift human development while staying within planetary boundaries.

  • 01 Nov 2012
    Speech by UNDP Special Representative of the Administrator Mr Frode Mauring

    Prime Minister Fayyad, Ministers, Chairman of Padico, Executive Director of Jedico, Cyril Representative of the Women Committee I take great pleasure to be here today not only because I represent UNDP on suchan occasion, but also as being a consumer and many times wondering why is it not possible to get more Palestinian products and to what extent we can contribute to that because building a state is not only about building government institutions and capacities. It is also about creating the environment for a productive economy.

  • 21 Sep 2012
    The United Nations speech Peace Day concert

    Excellency Minister of Culture Mr. Sa’adoon Al-Dulaimi Distinguished Members of Parliament Members of the International Community Distinguished Colleagues Friends of Iraq Ladies & Gentlemen Good Evening – Salam Alikum

  • 15 Sep 2012
    Secretary-General message on the International Day of Democracy

    Today we look back on yet another year of remarkable events in the story of democracy -- a story that continues to be written by people who yearn for dignity and human rights, for an end to corruption, for a say in their future, for jobs, justice and a fair share of political power.

  • 13 Jul 2012
    Alia Al Dalli: Enhancing sustainable & healthy livelihoods for people living with HIV & vulnerable populations

    In my capacity of Director of the UNDP Regional Center in Cairo, it is a pleasure and an honor to welcome you to this training workshop on enhancing sustainable and healthy livelihoods for people living with HIV (PLWH) and vulnerable populations.

  • 24 Apr 2012
    Completion ceremony of Jordan’s obligation under the anti-personnel mine ban convention ‘to clear all known minefields on its territory’

    Statement by Ms. Amat Alsoswa UNDP, Assistant Administrator and Regional Director for the Arab States on the occasion of the Completion Ceremony of Jordan’s obligation under the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention ‘To clear all known minefields on its territory’ - Dead Sea

  • 30 Mar 2012
    Helen Clark: Opening speech to UNDP Arab states regional meeting of resident representatives in Rabat, Morocco

    Opening speech to UNDP Arab States Regional Meeting of Resident Representatives in Rabat, Morocco

  • 22 Feb 2012
    Statement Attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on Yemen

    The Secretary-General congratulates the Yemeni people, including the youth who came out in high numbers, for their wide participation in yesterday’s presidential elections, a clear expression of their sincere desire for peaceful change. The Secretary-General commends the national authorities for the conduct of these elections which were held in a largely peaceful manner. He deplores, however, the acts of violence that occurred in some areas in the South.

  • 12 Feb 2012
    Jordan Ryan: Speech at the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Center, Qatar

  • 24 Jan 2012
    Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator Press Statement for Launch of UNDAF Process

    Sudan 2013-2016 Khartoum Distinguished Guests, Members of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen, Today we are officially launching the process, together with the Government of Sudan, to reach a United Nations Development Assistance Framework—fondly referred to as the UNDAF—for the period of 2013-2016. It is a participatory and consultative process, with several key steps and events that will culminate in the signing of a new UNDAF in May 2012. With high commitment and cooperation between the United Nations system and the Government, we will achieve our objective.

  • 08 Jan 2012
    Rebeca Grynspan: Remarks at the Arab regional launch of the Human Development Report 2011

  • 22 Jun 2011
    Clark: After the Arab spring, toward political and economic inclusion

    My thanks go to Ambassador Chamberlin and the Middle East Institute for co-hosting this event with UNDP today focusing on events in the Arab States region.

  • 05 Jun 2011
    Forum on Pathways of Democratic Transitions

    I begin by thanking the Prime Minister of Egypt, Dr. Essam Sharaf, for being with us at the opening of this UNDP-sponsored “Forum on Pathways of Democratic Transitions”. The aim of our forum is to exchange ideas and share lessons on what has worked, why, and how, in other transitions; and on what some of the obstacles to smooth transitions are, and how they might be avoided

  • 06 Apr 2011
    Clark on jobs, equity and voice: Economic and political inclusion

    Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator address at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

  • 13 Mar 2011
    Helen Clark: Leaders of Change Summit, Istanbul

    I am pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to this panel on a new perspective on development.

  • 08 Mar 2011
    Launch of UN-women SABAYA evaluation report

    Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, A particular greeting to the Gaza women that are joining us via video link.

  • 08 Mar 2011
    Marking the International Women’s Day

    Today the world is celebrating the 100th anniversary for the International Women Day.